Judge won't reconsider bail for ex-narcotics cop

Posted: August 22, 2014

ALLEGED RINGLEADER ex-narcotics cop Thomas Liciardello should stay in prison, a federal judge ruled yesterday.

U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno's order followed a motion filed Monday by Liciardello's attorney, Jeffrey Miller, who asked the judge to reconsider his denial of bail last week to Liciardello.

Miller contended that Robreno "did not clearly acknowledge" that allegations that Liciardello had threatened people occurred about seven to 10 years ago. He said Liciardello does not pose a danger to the community.

The judge noted he did consider the time lapse, but it did not alter his decision. In his order, he maintained that Liciardello, 38, has shown that he can "manipulate third parties to commit violence on his behalf" and has a tendency to "lash out against" adversaries, and thus poses a danger to the community and to witnesses.

Miller also contended Liciardello is being denied his due-process rights to mount a competent defense for his trial while being housed in the Special Housing Unit of the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center, where he is confined 23 hours a day and has limited privileges.

The judge noted that any legitimate concerns can be brought to his attention, but such concerns are not relevant to whether Liciardello should remain detained.

Miller yesterday said he plans to appeal Robreno's order to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Liciardello's five co-defendants were all granted bail by Robreno.

The six ex-cops are accused of robbing suspected drug dealers, at times using violence.

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