'Bang Bang' at the VMAs, before the VMAs - Suge Knight shot

Posted: August 26, 2014

LAST NIGHT was the MTV Video Music Awards. Which means that the night before, the odds were 5-to-1 that Suge Knight was going to get shot.

At a 2005 pre-VMA party hosted by Kanye West, in Miami, Suge was shot in the leg.

He was shot again early yesterday morning - twice - at a Sunset Strip nightclub in Los Angeles.

At a party for Chris Brown's new album.

According to London's Daily Mail, a witness said that Brown was the target of the shots.

Others at the party at various times throughout the night included the two ubiquitous Jenner girls, Justin Bieber, the Game, Tyson Beckford and Apple de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas.

The Los Angeles Times reported that West Hollywood Mayor John D'Amico went out on a limb and called the nightclub shooting of Suge and two others "unacceptable."

"This was just a regular night of fun on the Sunset Strip, and it was disrupted by criminals," D'Amico said. "Hopefully, the Sheriff's Department will find out who the person or persons were and prosecute them to the full extent of the law."

The Daily Mail said that the suspected gunmen were apprehended.

As of last night, all three victims were expected to recover.

The shooting occurred shortly after 1:30 a.m. at 1OAK nightclub.

Brown Tweeted yesterday morning: "It's disappointing that we as a society can't have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes."

You know, Chris, that is a shame. Why do you think that is?

* Farther north, at a Silicon Valley music venue, a man was shot and killed Friday night at a Wiz Khalifa concert.

Police rushed to the outdoor venue after receiving multiple calls that shots had been fired, but officers last night were still looking for a male suspect believed to be in his 20s. They are asking concertgoers for photos or videos that might provide clues.

Since virtually everyone takes vids at concerts these days, someone must have something.

Police are unsure how the gunman got his weapon into the facility, as patrons undergo security screenings.

Wiz canceled his Saturday-night performance.


* Disney star Zendaya will celebrate her 18th birthday on Sept. 1 with a campaign to help feed at least 150 hungry children in Haiti, Tanzania and the Philippines through feedONE. From Aug. 25 to Sept. 9, Zendaya fans can help her reach her goal by visiting feedone.com/Zendaya and making a donation. Every $10 raised will feed a child for one month - or 30 children for one day.

For $10. They're sure not shopping for groceries here.

* "Motown the Musical" is taking a break from Broadway.

Producers said Friday that the $18 million show will play its final performance at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre on Jan. 18 and intends to reopen in July 2016 at a still-to-be-announced Nederlander-owned theater.

The show has spawned a national tour, and a production is planned for Britain next summer. Producer Kevin McCollum explained that by closing in January, "we have an opportunity to use the production assets from Broadway for the U.K. production next year."

* The 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival has been canceled by Chinese authorities.

Why? Because they can.

* We're sorry we didn't let you know ahead of time, but yesterday was Go Topless Day, when women and men are encouraged to show off their chests to protest the unfair laws that men get to walk around shirtless and nobody cares and women have to wear shirts and still get harassed on the street.

The Huffington Post reports that this is the seventh anniversary of the pro-breast protest, organized by the Raelians, a group that believes in UFOs and the need to see women's breasts at least one day a year.

"The idea that women should cover up is shameful," Go Topless spokeswoman Rachel Jessee told the Huffington Post. "We should not feel ashamed. We want to instill self-love and a love for each other."

Jessee is, however, concerned that some guys support the cause as an excuse to see bosoms.

"I say to them: If you really are for this cause, bring your girlfriend, sister and mom to the rally, as well," she said.

* In another tale from the naked city, Jessie Nizewitz is suing VH1 because she claims that when she was a contestant on the network's "Dating Naked," viewers actually saw her naked.

It seems the artist or computer or whatever was supposed to blur out the naughty bits missed a spot when Jessie and her date were wrestling on the beach, thus exposing her genitals to the world and herself to ridicule.

The airing of her birthday suit has led her to file a $10 million suit.

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