It's Taney Day in Philly!

Posted: August 28, 2014

TODAY, THE CHILDREN will be the pied pipers - so put aside your worries and cares and follow the Taney Dragons as they headline a parade through the city and kick off tonight's Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.

A 4-plus mile parade featuring the Dragons, who placed third in the country at the Little League World Series in Williamsport last week, will begin at 2 p.m. at 20th and Market streets in Center City.

The parade will go east on Market Street around the southwest corner of City Hall to South Broad Street. The first stop on the parade route will be outside the Kimmel Center on Broad Street near Spruce, where the Dragons will be "serenaded" by the Philly POPS, according to a news release from the city.

The parade will then continue down Broad Street to Washington Avenue, where the Mummers will strut their stuff for the Dragons before the team heads down to FDR Park, where the parade will culminate with a rally.

After that, the Dragons will head over to Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies will honor them before their game against the Nationals.

Fans at tonight's Phillies game will receive a Taney T-shirt.

Mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald said the parade will be a "rolling procession," so shortly after the parade passes a particular spot, that road should reopen to traffic in a short period of time, though there will be longer lag times around the Kimmel Center and Washington Avenue.

"The goal for traffic police is to get things open as quickly as possible once the parade passes," McDonald wrote in an email.

Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison said he does not believe the parade will have "any significant cost whatsoever" to the city, mainly because police will already be working and the city has secured partners who have donated "quite a bit," he said.

When asked to address the haters who've said the Taney Dragons don't deserve a parade because they didn't win the whole kit and caboodle, Everett said the festivities are appropriate for what the Dragons accomplished.

"There will always be critics for a lot of things, but I'll take the criticism that we're doing too much to highlight the positive aspects of our kids any day," he said. "Yes, they ended up coming in third, but they won our hearts and minds and we will always show our kids that we believe in them."

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