Everybody's a Critic: Are you?

Posted: August 29, 2014

THINK YOU can do my job? You probably can.

As we have every fall since 1995, we're enlisting readers to help review some of the new TV shows.

We call it Everybody's a Critic, and here's how it works: A group of avid TV watchers spends an evening with me at the Daily News, screening pilots and offering opinions, some of which will appear in the paper.

I bake the cookies, the Daily News kicks in for sandwiches and, at the end of the night, we hand out some not terribly valuable parting gifts.

Every fall, I hear from people who'd hoped to be chosen and weren't. One tip: Fill out the entry completely and make sure your daytime phone number gets answered before 6 p.m. If a text is better, write "please text" next to your cell number.

Good luck!

Email: graye@phillynews.com

Phone: 215-854-5950

On Twitter: @elgray

Blog: ph.ly/EllenGray

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