Sideshow: Did Mrs. Govinator moonlight, too?

Matthew Dowd is an ABC-TV correspondent.
Matthew Dowd is an ABC-TV correspondent.
Posted: September 04, 2014

Our hearts broke when we found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger not only had two-timed wife Maria Shriver with their maid but actually had a child with her. And we were befuddled. How could he do this to Maria - I mean, she's a Kennedy!

Perhaps our sympathies were wasted. The New York Post claims Shriver has had a long-term lover of her very own, even though last month she began passing him off as a new boyfriend. That'd be Matthew Dowd, 53, a political correspondent for ABC News whom Shriver took as her date to cousin Bobby Kennedy's wedding last month.

But Anonymous Sources tell the Post that Shriver, 58, who separated from the Govinator after his affair became public in May 2011, has been seeing Dowd since 2006, when he worked as her husband's campaign strategist.

"Maria likes to make it appear that she's the victim, but she's not," another Unnamed Source said. "The [idea] that they started dating recently is ridiculous." The Post says Arnold caught on to the affair in 2006.

Dowd denies the Post's report. "There was no affair," he told the tabloid. "We were good friends."

Shriver's reps did not return the Post's calls for comment.

Rivers on life support

Melissa Rivers on Tuesday confirmed that her mother, acclaimed comedian Joan Rivers, was on life support. "I know my mother would be overwhelmed by the continued outpouring of kindness," she said of messages sent by fans.

Rivers, 81, was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on Thursday and put in a medically induced coma after she went into cardiac arrest during a procedure at her doctor's office.

Cable channel E! said the two Rivers women's show Fashion Police will go on hiatus.

'Price' casting call

Male models wishing to appear on CBS game show The Price Is Right are invited to an open casting call 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday at the studios of CBS3 (KYW-TV), 1555 Hamilton St. For rules and registration info:

Mega-concert tix

Usher, and his Legendary Ego, will bring "The UR Experience" tour for two local shows this fall. He'll be at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philly Nov. 11 and at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall Nov. 15. Tix for both shows go on sale 10 a.m. Monday.   Info: 1-800-736- 1420 or

Justin Bieber, outlaw

Check out the oft-arrested Justin Bieber! It's like he's the second coming of Jesse James - um, well, a less lethal, more polite Canadian version.

In the latest, the Bieb has been charged by police in Ontario with dangerous driving and assault after his ATV collided with a minivan. The irate Bieber started an argument. The singer also recently was charged with assaulting a limo driver, also in Canada. His lawyer says he's not guilty.

Quote du jour

" 'Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.' - Harvey Fierstein."

So tweets Robin Williams' daughter Zelda, 25, after reestablishing her Twitter account. She had sworn off social media after reading various reactions to her dad's suicide.

CeeLo Green show gone

TBS has canceled CeeLo Green's reality series The Good Life following several PR disasters. The hip-hopster on Friday pleaded no contest in Los Angeles to a felony charge of giving a woman the drug ecstasy. Then he angered fans in a series of tweets that downplayed the seriousness of rape.

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