SEPTA to rename Market East Station tomorrow

Posted: September 04, 2014

THOMAS JEFFERSON University is likely to wake up tomorrow morning as a SEPTA station as well as a hospital system and an institution of higher learning.

Last week, the Philly website posted a tipster's photo of a new SEPTA map that shows "Jefferson Station" where "Market East Station" used to be.

Then yesterday, SEPTA announced a news conference for tomorrow morning to "reveal a major change for Market East Station," but wouldn't say what the change is.

Meanwhile, signs outside the doors of the station have been covered over, suggesting a change is in the works.

Are these things connected? Is Philly famous for a sandwich called a "cheesesteak"?

The change would be SEPTA's second sale of station naming rights, following the five-year deal in 2010 when AT&T paid $5.4 million to rechristen Pattison Station on the Broad Street subway line as "AT&T Station."

SEPTA got $3.4 million after the ad agency's cut.

Richard Maloney, SEPTA spokesman at the time, said, "We are interested in doing this again in the future."

That future appears to be tomorrow.

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