Empowering women, mag goes Cosmopolitical

PHOTOS: GETTY IMAGES Kate Upton: Hacked photos in art show?
PHOTOS: GETTY IMAGES Kate Upton: Hacked photos in art show?
Posted: September 05, 2014

WE CAN see the articles now: "50 Ways to Rekindle Infrastructure Legislation." "Filibuster Your Mate to Ecstasy." "PACs Even Your Best Friends Won't Tell You About."

Cosmopolitan magazine, which has made the world a better place for decades by identifying male erogenous zones and providing erotic tips for its mostly female readers, has decided to start covering the decidedly unerotic realm that is our political system.

On Monday, Cosmo throws its hat in the ring with its "#CosmoVotes" campaign, with candidate endorsements, stories on women-centric issues and a social-media blitz designed to turn readers into voters. The endorsements will be exclusive to Cosmopolitan.com.

"What we're trying to say is, 'Think about the issues that are important to you, and if you want to have a voice, then you need to use your voice,' " editor-in-chief Joanna Coles told Politico.com. "It's all very well to sit back and complain, but you don't have a right to complain if you don't use your vote."

Coles has added political flavor to the mag over the past few years and insisted that such coverage is in keeping with its core editorial philosophy of empowering women.

"People keep saying, 'Oh, you've made the magazine much more political,' " she said, "but I feel that these are about lifestyle issues for women. The biggest single decision which will impact your life is when you have a child. I want women to have control over that, not a bunch of old white guys sitting in D.C. That to me is why I am doing this."

Jill tweets Philly 'tood

Home girl Jill Scott has admitted that she is among the members of the glitterati whose nude images were hacked and posted online. But she insisted that only one of the two shots is legit.

"I def took the 1st pic w/ a robe; weight loss chronicle but the 2nd, sorry freaks, is not me. I wish I had that space between my thighs," read one of Scott's cyber-missives.

Five subsequent tweets found her addressing the privacy issues inherent in the photo thefts. Among them was one clearly aimed at the hackers: "You are not a part of my village therefore making your attempt to harm me null. I'm not even delayed. Shame for spreading. Shame 4 adding."

Picture this

In a related item, an artist who goes by the too-cool-for-words moniker XVALA is insisting that he (she?) will display hacked-and-leaked sexy photos of Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs-of-the-minute in an art exhibit dubbed "No Delete."

If it actually sees the light of day, the exhibit will do so at Cory Allen Contemporary Art's The Showroom, in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Paging Pythagoras

We at Tattle Central are hoping disposable-pop singer Robin Thicke has a good grounding in geometry. That's because he is apparently facing a vexing triangle.

Rumor has it, according to the noble sentries at Star magazine, that Thicke and his estranged wife, Paula Patton, who separated in February, at one point enjoyed the as-intimate-as-it-gets company of a massage therapist identified only with the nom-de-sleaze Jasmine.

But here's the rub, as it were: The mag claims that when the above parties weren't three-waying it, Thicke and Jasmine were still enjoying carnal knowledge of one another. Patton reportedly feels "betrayed and humiliated" by both.

Thicke's reps have denied the whole sordid tale.


Frank Sinatra Jr. will receive a proclamation from Mayor Don Guardian during his performance tonight at Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

Sinatra began gigging in Atlantic City before the casino era. The singer-composer-conductor also performs tomorrow at the Big B.

* "Mistresses" star/baseball fanatic Alyssa Milano and hubby David Bugliari welcomed their second daughter yesterday. Elizabella Dylan Bugliari weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and is 19 1/2 inches long. The couple also has a son, Milo, 3.

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