A look at QBs drafted by Eagles

Posted: September 05, 2014

THE EAGLES have drafted 14 quarterbacks in the last 30 years, including nine after the third round.

Seven of those 14 never started a game for the Eagles, and last year Nick Foles became just the third to start a postseason game for the Birds. Here's a look:


Round: 2. Overall: 37.

College: UNLV.

Incumbent starter: Ron Jaworski, who was 34 and entering his 12th season.

Other QBs that draft: Cunningham was the first QB selected in what was a very light draft for the position. Frank Reich (57th overall), Steve Bono (142) and Doug Flutie (285) also were picked. Kevin Allen, who spent less than 4 years in jail for a 1986 rape, was the Eagles' first pick in 1985.

Eagles career: Won 63 regular-season games and was the most athletic quarterback of his generation. Second would be Hall of Famer Steve Young. His legacy, unfortunately, was getting hurt in the 1991 opener when the Eagles had the most dominating defense in football. Oh, what could have been.


Round: 9. Overall: 232.

College: William & Mary.

Incumbent starter: Randall Cunningham.

Other QBs that draft: Vinny Testaverde was the No. 1 overall pick. Jim Harbaugh (No. 26), Rich Gannon (No. 98) and Steve Beuerlein (No. 110) also were among the 19 quarterbacks picked.

Eagles career: Missed all of 1987 with a shoulder injury and retired the next summer because of it.


Round: 6. Overall: 149.

College: Syracuse.

Incumbent starter: Randall Cunningham.

Other QBs that draft: Tom Tupa (No. 68) and Chris Chandler (76) were the only two other quarterbacks selected ahead of McPherson. Stan Humphries, who like Chandler started a Super Bowl, was picked 10 spots after McPherson.

Eagles career: McPherson was an option quarterback at Syracuse who finished second to Tim Brown in the Heisman Trophy. He became so disgruntled when the Eagles brought in Jim McMahon in the summer of 1990 that he demanded a trade. The Birds dealt him to Houston for a sixth-round pick that wound up being defensive lineman Andy Harmon. The following spring he was back in Eagles camp for one final try.


Round: 4. Overall: 102.

College: Florida State.

Incumbent starter: Randall Cunningham, who was coming off a knee injury in the previous season's opener.

Other QBs that draft: David Klingler (No. 6) and Tommy Maddox (No. 25) were first-rounders. Jeff Blake (No. 166) played 12 seasons in the NFL and Ty Detmer, who started a playoff loss for the Eagles at San Francisco following the 1996 season, was picked by Green Bay at No. 230.

Eagles career: Never played a game and was cut before the start of 1993.

 DAVE BARR, 1995

Round: 4. Overall: 119.

Incumbent starter: Randall Cunningham.

College: California.

Other QBs that draft: Steve McNair (No. 3) and Kerry Collins (No. 5) were picked in the first round. Kordell Stewart (No. 60) is the other notable.

Eagles career: Waived at the end of his first training camp. Played two games for the Rams in 1995, which is the extent of his NFL career.


Round: 3. Overall: 85.

College: Ohio State.

Incumbent starter: Rodney Peete.

Other QBs that draft: Tony Banks (No. 42) was the only quarterback selected ahead of Hoying in what was a dismal draft for the position. Danny Kanell (No. 130) is the only other notable. Offensive lineman Jermane Mayberry, tight end Jason Dunn and safety Brian Dawkins were picked by the Eagles ahead of Hoying.

Eagles career: Had four touchdown passes in a wild, 44-42 win over Cincinnati at Veterans Stadium in 1997. Other than that, Hoying mostly took lumps. He went 1-6 as a starter the following season. Afterward, the Eagles cleaned house by hiring Andy Reid and drafting Donovan McNabb.


Round: 7. Overall: 207.

College: Colorado.

Incumbent starter: Ty Detmer/Rodney Peete.

Other QBs that draft: Jim Druckenmiller (No. 26) was the only quarterback taken in the first round. Jake Plummer (No. 42) was the only other QB of note.

Eagles career: Spent 10 seasons with the Eagles, serving mostly as Donovan McNabb's little-used backup and as the holder for kicker David Akers.


Round: 1. Overall: 2.

College: Syracuse.

Incumbent starter: Bobby Hoying, Koy Detmer and Rodney Peete took turns starting during a 3-13 campaign in 1998. Doug Pederson started the first nine games in 1999, before giving way to McNabb.

Other QBs that draft: The expansion Cleveland Browns, making their first pick as a reinvented franchise, took Tim Couch. They've been paying for it ever since . . . The three other QBs taken in the first round that year were Akili Smith (3), Daunte Culpepper (11) and Cade McNown (12).

Eagles career: Holds the team record with 92 regular-season wins . . . Went 9-7 in the postseason, including a loss to New England in Super Bowl 39 . . . Even though McNabb holds most of the franchise QB records, the first things critics point to is the Super Bowl loss and his 1-4 record in NFC Championship Games. Think Browns fans would trade their misery for McNabb's shortcomings?

A.J. FEELEY, 2001

Round: 5. Overall: 155.

College: Oregon.

Incumbent starter: Donovan McNabb

Other QBs that draft: Michael Vick was the No. 1 overall pick. Drew Brees went No. 32.

Eagles career: Played four seasons, with his most extensive action coming in 2002. Feeley started the final five games of the season when McNabb and Koy Detmer went down with injuries. Feeley went 4-1 and led the Eagles to the No. 1 overall seed. With McNabb recovered, the season ended with a crushing loss to Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship Game.


Round: 6. Overall: 185.

College: Delaware.

Incumbent starter: Donovan McNabb.

Other QBs that draft: Eli Manning (No. 1), Philip Rivers (No. 4), Ben Roethlisberger (No. 11) and J.P. Losman (No. 22) were taken in the first round.

Eagles career: Hall, the starting quarterback for Delaware's I-AA title team, did not play in any regular-season games for the Birds.


Round: 2. Overall: 36.

College: Houston.

Incumbent starter: Donovan McNabb, who had missed games each of the previous 3 years because of injury.

Other QBs that draft: JaMarcus Russell was the No. 1 overall pick, who became one of the biggest draft busts of the last 25 years . . . Brady Quinn (22nd overall) was the other QB picked ahead of Kolb . . . Of the 11 quarterbacks selected, Trent Edwards is the only other who is notable.

Eagles career: Kolb made just seven starts for the Birds, but made 12 relief appearances. In 2009, he became the first quarterback ever to throw for 300 yards in his first two career starts. Started the season opener in 2010, but sustained a concussion after a hit by Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. Traded to Arizona in July 2011.


Round: 4. Overall: 122.

College: Northwestern.

Incumbent starter: Michael Vick.

Other QBs that draft: Sam Bradford was selected No. 1 overall. Tim Tebow (No. 25), Jimmy Clausen (48), and Colt McCoy (85) went ahead of Kafka.

Eagles career: Appeared in four games in 2011 and came into the following training camp as the presumptive backup to Michael Vick. But he was beaten out for that job and subsequently waived. The guy who the beat him: rookie Nick Foles.


Round: 3. Overall: 88.

College: Arizona.

Incumbent starter: Michael Vick.

Other QBs that draft: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III went 1-2. Russell Wilson, last year's Super Bowl winner, was picked at No. 75 and Kirk Cousins was selected No. 102. Cousins beat out Foles at Michigan State, which caused Foles to transfer to Arizona.

Eagles career: Entering his first full season as the starting quarterback. Foles had 27 touchdown passes and just two interceptions last year as the Birds won the NFC East. The Birds lost to New Orleans at the buzzer in the wild-card round.


Round: 4. Overall: 98.

College: USC.

Incumbent starter: Michael Vick, but Nick Foles also was on the roster.

Other QBs that draft: EJ Manuel (No. 16) was the only quarterback taken in the first round. Geno Smith (39) and Mike Glennon (73) were also selected ahead of Barkley.

Eagles career: Played in two games his rookie season and looked like a deer trying to negotiate the Garden State Parkway. Had another appearance mopping up after Foles gutted the Raiders for seven TD passes.

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