The latest on Brangelina: Cotillard's pregnant, an abuse investigation, and a lesbian ex

David Oyelowo: Seeking female directors Margot Robbie: Saturday Night Live
David Oyelowo: Seeking female directors Margot Robbie: Saturday Night Live
Posted: September 23, 2016

Gossip sites are covering the Brangelina divorce the way ESPN covers the NFL Draft. If only the populace cared as much about the presidential election.

Here are a few updates:

* After being linked to an affair with Brad Pitt and a possible reason for his split with Angelia Jolie, French actress Marion Cotillard announced she is pregnant.

That's awkward.

She insisted, however, that Pitt is not the papa and she was not having an affair with him.

Cotillard said via Instagram that she is "not used to commenting on things like this nor taking them seriously but as this situation is spiraling and affecting people I love, I have to speak up."

Cotillard is in a relationship with actor Guillaume Canet. The couple is parents of a 5-year-old son. She says he's the daddy of baby No. 2.

Cotillard said she hopes Brad and Angie "will find peace in this very tumultuous moment."

The non-news media, however, continued to hope for chaos.

* E! News reported that although Angelina is seeking full physical custody of the couple's six children, she doesn't intend for the custody situation to remain permanent. It's a now thing.

Eventually she sees Brad as back in the parenting picture.

* According to NBC News, and People, on Thursday, L.A.'s Department of Children and Family Services began investigating allegations that Brad was involved in an incident with one of his older children on a private plane flight Sept. 14 from Europe.

B&A separated the next day.

A Team Brad source told E! News, "This comes down to the kind of disagreements that sometimes occur between teenage boys and their father. This is where this situation has spiraled from, and Angelina as a mother can be very protective."

A Team Brad source, possibly the same one, said that Pitt "takes the matter very seriously and says he did not commit any abuse of his children."

Another Team Brad insider said that Pitt "is cooperating fully."

* While we're on messages from Team Brad, reports that Angelina has already called her former lesbian lover, Jenny Shimizu.

They were in a relationship in the late 1990s and have remained close friends ever since - so this item is really just clickbait.

Medal to NPR's Gross

President Obama on Thursday paid tribute to Mel Brooks, chef Jose Andres, NPR interviewer Terry Gross, author James McBride and others at a White House ceremony celebrating "creators who give every piece of themselves to their craft."

The three were among two dozen artists, writers, playwrights and performers awarded the 2015 National Medals of Arts and Humanities. Obama touted the group, which also included Motown founder Berry Gordy, author Sandra Cisneros, composer Philip Glass and singer Audra McDonald, as figures at the top of their fields and contributors to a national conversation.

The annual event is typically a serious affair, but it took a comic turn this year when Obama paid tribute to Brooks by quoting his instructions to his writers on the boundary-pushing film, Blazing Saddles."

"Write anything you want because we'll never be heard from again. We will all be arrested for this movie," Obama said, laughing.

The president also honored jazz musician Wynton Marsalis and actor Morgan Freeman. Neither was able to attend the ceremony. Freeman was "undoubtedly off playing a black president," Obama said. "He never lets me have my moment."

Winners of the medal for arts also included painter Jack Whitten, musician Santiago Jimenez Jr., playwright Moises Kaufman, dancer and choreographer Ralph Lemon, playwright and actor Luis Valdez and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

The National Humanities Medal was awarded to authors Rudolfo Anaya, Louis Menand, Ron Chernow, Abraham Verghese, Elaine Pagels, Isabel Wilkerson, poet Louise Gluck and the Prison University Project, Higher Education Program.

The group could also be described as "Terry Gross and a whole bunch of people Terry Gross has interviewed," Obama said.


Margot Robbie is the first guest host as Saturday Night Live begins its 42nd season Oct. 1.

NBC said Thursday that The Weeknd will be the musical guest.

* In a beautiful offspring alert, Adam Levine's supermodel wife Behati Prinsloo has given birth to a girl, Dusty Rose.

"Everything went well, and the baby is beautiful," an insider told Us magazine.

David Oyelowo ( Selma and the new Queen of Katwe, in which he plays Ugandan chess coach Robert Katende) is "hell-bent on female directors," he said recently at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"Women are 50 percent of the population but only 10 percent of the directors," he said. "There needs to be a balance."

"If Queen of Katwe were made by a man," he said, "the coach would have been the protagonist. Because it's Mira Nair ( The Namesake), she goes for the girl."

Asked if he no longer wanted to work with male directors, Oyelowo laughed.

"I'm not prejudiced against guys," he said. "And white dudes especially.

"I'm just talking about a balanced diet."

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