April 26, 1992 | By Sheila Dyan, SPECIAL TO THE INQUIRER
Smokey Run, Berlin Borough, Camden County "After a 17-year sewer moratorium was lifted two years ago in Berlin Borough, we were one of the first multifamily developments to come in," said Tim Schaeffer, builder of Smokey Run, a community of 46 townhouses on a wooded site. There are six models at Smokey Run, and they are a blend of Colonial and Victorian architecture. Homes range in size from 1,552 to 1,906 square feet of living space. Each home costs from $101,500 to $123,450, with no association fees added, because there's no homeowners' association in this fee-simple community.
April 24, 1994 | By Sonia R. Lelii, INQUIRER CORRESPONDENT
For those who believe it was the suffrage movement and the age of feminism that helped liberate women, here's a little revisionist history. It all started with the formal tea. Back in the colonial period, tea and sugar were such expensive commodities that they were kept under lock and key. Eventually, men entertaining guests found themselves overburdened with two social tasks: serving hot punch and tea. And since they did not trust servants...
December 23, 1998 | By Al Haas, INQUIRER AUTOMOTIVE WRITER
Aug. 23, 1998 The eyes of Detroit are upon the bellwether streets of Los Angeles, and they see those pavement-hugging pickups with the sporty body modifications and the predatory growl. They know the reworked pickup has become the custom car of the '90s. And they know there is a significant niche market out there for a factory version called "the sport truck. " The problem is, they've been having a lot of trouble getting the sport truck right. Earlier attempts, such as the Ford Lightning and Chevrolet 454SS, didn't really give the customers everything they wanted.
September 28, 2007 | By Eils Lotozo FOR THE INQUIRER
For more than 20 years, Claudia Mills wove her color-drenched fabric and leather rugs in a carriage-house studio behind her home in a Boston suburb. There, she employed two full-time weaving assistants and four enormous wooden floor looms. So why would Mills - whose crisp, contemporary take on the venerable rag rug has attracted a sizable custom clientele and earned her notice in such decor magazines as Architectural Digest and Metropolitan Home - pack it all up and move to Philadelphia at this stage in her career?
December 26, 1999 | By Vicki McClure, INQUIRER SUBURBAN STAFF
Olen Carpenito turns cows and chickens into Philly cheesesteaks and deer into cutlets. The 25-year-old meat cutter and new owner of A&M Meats can also take those cute little pigs raised by local farmers and turn them into sausage, smoked ham or scrapple - whatever the customer requests. "Some people say I'm mean because I cut animals, but I'm not. I like animals," said Carpenito, who keeps four cats and two dogs as pets and grew up on a 50-acre farm tending sheep and chickens.
January 4, 2013 | BY PETER MUCHA, 215-854-4342,
B OOB TUBE gets a new spin Sunday with the debut of a bra-shop show titled "Double Divas. " We're sure you get the "double" entendre . "Our job is to really help women feel wonderful," said Molly Hopkins, co-owner of LiviRae Lingerie in Atlanta. "All you gotta do is bring out the sexy stuff. " What, is the Lifetime Network trying to lure male viewers? Not exactly. This is no "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. " Yes, judging from previews, some shapely knockouts will strut about in undergarments, but viewers will also see much, much bigger sets of challenges.
November 2, 2010
THE MIAMI HEAT'S LeBron James got into the Halloween spirit by wearing a custom-made mouthguard sporting fangs while playing against the Magic on Friday night. Of course, there's now talk of the NBA handing out a ridiculous fine for such non-sanctioned behavior. That doesn't sit well with us or Bobbie Quinn, whose Philadelphia-based company, Sport Guard Inc., manufactured the custom mouthguard. "I'm a little distressed," Quinn said yesterday. "If [the mouthpiece] is not approved because it's flashy, well . . . I understand that.
April 3, 1988 | By Steve Goldstein, Inquirer Staff Writer
"Custom is lord of all mankind. " - Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin Pushkin sweated here. So did Chekhov and Maxim Gorki and the famed poet-military theorist Denis Davydov and scores of widely known Russian actors and cultural figures. They all flocked to the Sandunovsky Baths - the banya - to wash and cleanse themselves, to expiate the sins of rich food and copious drink with steam and leafy birch twigs, and the pleasurable shock of frigid bathing pools. They came to Sandunovsky to sweat, and they left the wooden planks of the steam rooms stained with their own potent perspiration.
On the bandwagon With South Broad Street in the background, William Penn shows off his new custom-made Flyers jersey from atop City Hall yesterday.
February 17, 2014 | By Diane Mastrull, Inquirer Columnist
An $8,500 Merchants Fund grant has "launched" custom bookbinder Bella Forte on a path of global growth. Diane Mastrull's Small Business.
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