May 31, 2012 | By Jason Nark and Daily News Staff Writer
PUT JAY-Z on a Yamaha YZ-250, Kanye on a Kawasaki KX-125, or Lil Wayne on a little Honda, and they have nothing on Meek Mill, a Philly hip-hop artist who's risen from local mix-tape legend to next-big-thing, chasing his dreams to the top on one wheel.   "Any rapper, too, I'll bet any rapper you can't wheelie better than me," Mill says in a YouTube video , where he's mostly on a dirt bike. The Daily News tried to catch up with Mill, born Robert Rahmeek Williams, but we missed calls, traded texts and, for weeks, made plans that never panned out. He's as elusive as Philly's notorious and illegal dirt-bike riders, but any mention of the dirt bike/ATV scene would be remiss if it didn't mention him. Mill loves dirt bikes and ATVs.
May 31, 2012 | Dana DiFilippo
I AM AN INJURY-PRONE person. In October, I almost cut off two of my fingers with electric hedge-clippers. (Yes, it was as horrifying as it sounds.) In March, I broke my foot. Just by walking. I have spent four of the last eight months immobilized by bandages, braces and a boot, bouncing between my doctors' and physical therapist's offices. So when I decided to hang with the Philly Hang Gang on a recent Sunday, there was no question that I would sit on the sidelines. "I'm done with emergency rooms," I told my husband.
May 31, 2012 | By DANA DiFILIPPO & JASON NARK, Daily News Staff Writers
THE DIRT-BIKERS and ATV four-wheelers gathered under a tree in Hunting Park one recent Sunday, the roar of their engines as much a part of the sunny scene as the ballplayers and picnickers and the guy selling barbecued chicken on skewers. As more and more riders arrived, they greeted each other with hugs and handshakes, admiring the modifications they made to their bikes and swapping stories about getaways, crashes and infamous rides, like Pupo's legendary 12-mile wheelie up I-95 that helped Philly "defeat" Baltimore in a friendly contest of skills.
April 9, 2012 | BY DANA DiFILIPPO, Daily News Staff Writer
JERMAINE Alexander learned to ride a dirt bike before he could write or tie his shoes. "Maine" was 5, and he would ride his bicycle only if he smashed tin cans in the wheels to mimic the dirt-bike growl. So his uncle took him to the park to teach him to ride the real thing. When he was a teenager and would hear one roar by on the streets outside, he'd stampede to the window to see who was riding what. He became so adept at fixing them that he could transform scraps of junkers into bikes that, though not beautiful, still flew fast as fireworks.
April 6, 2012 | Inga Saffron
Would you live in a house made of dirt? The answer, I'm guessing, is no. As a building material, dirt has an image problem. Mud dwellings are practically synonymous with third-world poverty. At best, an earth structure is something you expect to encounter in an old hippie compound. Yet some of the world's most magnificent structures are made of little more than dirt and water, from New Mexico's pueblos to the great Djinguereber mosque in Timbuktu. Now, thanks to the effort of several committed architects, dirt is making a comeback, this time as the material of choice for modern buildings, including multistory ones.
February 12, 2012 | By Natalie Zellat Dyen, For The Inquirer
When the driver turned left onto the dirt road, we thought he'd made a mistake. On one corner a group of men stood beside a pile of burning trash; on another, women sold fish from a makeshift stall. The travel agent had booked us into a hotel at least two stars above what we had requested in Thanjavur, a temple city in southern India, but this bumpy road couldn't possibly be the right one. Finally the driver slowed down, and there, on the other side of a metal gate, stood our hotel - an upscale resort with stunning river views, manicured gardens, and a swimming pool.
February 5, 2012 | By Bob Fernandez, Inquirer Staff Writer
NBC Sports, now owned by Comcast Corp., has sold a record $250 million in advertising for Sunday's Super Bowl game and is hoping that audience spillover from the big game will boost two prime-time shows, The Voice and Smash . The best scenario for NBC would be a nail-biter Super Bowl that draws a big audience, delivering for sponsors who shelled out an average $3.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. Experts say more than 100 million homes could tune in. "They will do very well with the Super Bowl.
January 22, 2012 | By Jessie L. Bonner, Associated Press
POCATELLO, Idaho - Don Aslett may be more than a half-century into his fight against dirt and clutter, but he still can't take a stroll without bending to pick up litter from the sidewalk. He can remember cringing as a child at the site of spilled coffee grounds and, in high school, finding it strange the other boys didn't like to clean their rooms. Even now - he's 76 - his battle against grit and grime has yet to relent. Those who might not understand his devotion, he reasons, have probably never felt the satisfaction of making a toilet bowl shine.
December 12, 2011
   With two touchdowns Sunday against the Dolphins, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy moved to within one touchdown of Steve Van Buren's team records of 18 touchdowns in a season and 15 rushing touchdowns in a season. Here are the lists: Most touchdowns in an Eagles season:   Player              Year TDs Van Buren 1945 18 McCoy           2011 17 Brian Westbrook 2008 14 Terrell Owens     2004 14 W. Montgomery 1979 14 Van Buren        1947 14 Most rushing touchdowns in an Eagles season: Player              Year TDs Van Buren        1945 15 McCoy           2011 14 Ricky Watters     1996 13 Van Buren        1947 13
November 23, 2011 | By Howard Gensler
US WEEKLY KNOWS where its bread is buttered, so it has come out firmly for Team Kim in the tabloid-loving Kim Kardashian - Kris Humphries divorce. Even though Kim has looked like a shallow twit during her over-accessorized, extravagant TV wedding and too-brief marriage, Us quotes Kim K pals as saying Kris is the bad guy. "He belittled her in front of people," one insider said. "He'd call her stupid. It was truly sickening. " Us 's inside source says Kris resented Kim's faux fame and fortune - neither of which should have been a surprise to him when their multimillion-dollar wedding was filmed for TV. Kris also allegedly called Kim "fat ass. " Tattle does acknowledge he could have meant it as a compliment.
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