June 4, 2015
YIKES! Bathing suit season is here! That's right, Memorial Day was the unofficial start of Summer Slim-Down 2015. But don't worry if you've skipped a few workouts or overindulged a little during the bone-chilling winter. The good news is, it's not too late, and it is never too late, to adopt a healthier lifestyle and shed a few excess pounds. So, this year, don't dread the summer. Instead, embrace it, along with the bathing suits, shorts, sundresses and sleeveless tops. The key to success is not to worry about where you are, but to focus on your target.
May 11, 2015 | By Erin Arvedlund, Inquirer Staff Writer
Just one in five retirement-age Americans is able to pass a basic test on how to make a nest egg last through retirement, if the results of a recent survey are any indication. For example, the "4 percent rule" - considered a conventionally safe rate of withdrawal from your retirement funds - is a mystery to seven in 10 Americans, the survey conducted by the American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr suggests. Sixteen percent of respondents said it was safe to withdraw 6 percent or even 8 percent of their retirement money per year, the survey found.
April 20, 2015 | By Gary Frisch, For The Inquirer
CANCUN, Mexico - For most sea turtles, crawling onto the beach at night to lay eggs is a risky proposition. Out of the water, they are achingly slow, ungainly . . . and vulnerable. But in tourist meccas where hotel sprawl has rendered the coastline a virtual Monopoly board of development with 24/7 hubbub, the annual trek onto the sand becomes all the more treacherous. Tourists, cameras in hand, camp out for a look at these massive tortugas, or worse, try to pet them or pose for pictures with them.
April 17, 2015 | By Maureen Fitzgerald, Inquirer Food Editor
The most rewarding part of teaching kids to cook is watching them progress. They not only build very practical skills in the kitchen - learning how to hold a knife, chop onions, peel carrots, sauté and roast - they also learn to keep an open mind. They learn to be willing to try something new. And they are often surprised at how much they enjoy things they never thought they would. Two weeks ago, when we were making honey mustard chicken wings with eighth graders at Roberto Clemente Middle School, Emily Gonzalez lamented: "I don't like mustard, can I have mine plain?"
April 17, 2015 | By Howard Gensler
IN WHAT could turn out to be a real "Modern Family," Nick Loeb , the ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara , is suing the Colombian bombshell to prevent her from destroying the fertilized eggs they created when they were a couple, reports. Loeb, it seems, still wants to have her baby. Is this going to be another Diane Sawyer interview? According to TMZ, Loeb claims that he and Sofia made a contract nearly two years ago in which they agreed to attempt to have children by means of in vitro fertilization.
April 4, 2015 | By Michael D. Schaffer, For The Inquirer
This weekend welcomes two holidays. There will be Easter eggs and candy for some, seders and matzo for others, as Christians celebrate Easter on Sunday and Jews begin their eight-day observance of Passover at sundown Friday.   Easter If you're celebrating Easter, here are a few places where you can hop on down the bunny trail. Let the great egg hunt begin! Stenton Easter Egg Hunt. 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday. Search for eggs and chocolates at the colonial home of William Penn's secretary James Logan.
March 30, 2015 | By Bob Ford, Inquirer Columnist
News Item: Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said last week the demotion of former general manager Howie Roseman was not a reflection on Roseman's abilities as a player personnel evaluator. "I just think Chip [Kelly] wanted his own football player personnel guy next to him at all times," Lurie said. "It was much more Chip's requirement to have sort of a football guy that he was comfortable with in terms of helping him day to day, minute by minute. " Football Guy awoke exactly on time and leaped from bed, landing on the artificial turf rug in a perfect three-point stance.
March 26, 2015 | By Kelly Flynn, Inquirer Staff Writer
For almost six years, Katelyn Darrow has devoted herself to Angels of God Clothing Closet, the nonprofit she founded that provides clothing, toiletries, and baby supplies to those in need. She started Angels of God when she was 12, she explains, "because I wanted to pay it forward. " This year, the Pitman resident has another ambitious charitable goal: to assemble at least 500 Easter baskets for children and teenagers in need. Darrow, an 18-year-old senior at Pitman High School, splits her time between school and her nonprofit through her high school's work-study program.
March 25, 2015 | By Jonathan Takiff, Daily News Columnist
"DON'T play with your food. " Sure, we all heard that as kids. But today, the kitchen is everybody's playpen. And food is fun personified - worthy of TV channels and specialty gadget shops celebrating food-as-entertainment. Gizmo Guy traces the trend back to last-century novelty peddlers like the Johnson Smith Co., the back-of-the-comic-book advertiser that introduced gag-gift dribble glasses, plastic ice cubes with a bug floating inside and kitchen aprons imprinted with "Beware of Chef" warnings.
March 15, 2015 | By Erin E. Arvedlund, Inquirer Columnist
My farm-to-table fantasy? I harvest eggs, milk and honey with my own hands and eat the fruits of my labor, aglow in the setting sun. Yet I'm a city slicker with a short attention span. So where's the happy medium for a potential urban farmer like me? Renting. Yes, just in time for spring, you can rent chickens for eggs (with an option to adopt if you come to love them) or goats for grazing your lawn (they don't bite). You can even rent your own honeybee colony to buzz about on your rooftop or in your backyard.
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