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November 19, 1988 | By Maureen Fitzgerald, Special to The Inquirer
Canadian folk singers Sharon, Lois & Bram celebrated their 10th anniversary with enthusiastic, sold-out audiences of toddlers and parents at the Shubert Theater yesterday and a fresh batch of songs mixed in with their old favorites. These superstars of children's music, made famous by their cable television program The Elephant Show, don't give a concert as much as lead a massive sing-along, complete with kiddie choreography, to the delight of parents and children alike. "It's almost spiritual," said Joann Novak of South Philadelphia, who paid scalpers $5 over face value for tickets for her and her daughter Rebecca, 5. "When they sing that 'Skinnamarink' (the group's theme song from the show)
July 22, 1987 | By ROBIN PALLEY, Daily News Staff Writer
Philadelphians are the first folks east of Chicago to get a taste of what that city's dining critics call "dashboard cuisine at its finest. " Dock's, an 11-outlet chain of fried fish restaurants, has opened two stores in former Church's Fried Chicken locations on Broad Street - one at the corner of Catharine and the other at Parrish. There are plans for four more stores here and another three in Chicago by year-end. The planned Philadelphia locations will be 52nd and Thompson streets in West Philadelphia; 22nd street and Allegheny Avenue in North Philadelphia; on Limekiln Pike at Cheltenham Avenue, and Washington Lane and Stenton Avenue.
December 21, 2003 | By Catherine Quillman INQUIRER SUBURBAN STAFF
The Terrace Restaurant at Longwood Gardens brings to mind those informal but genteel eateries one often finds in a major art museum. The decor is understated here, and the cuisine has the civilized trappings, from the fris?e salad to the caramel apple tart. There are actually two restaurants at the Terrace: a cafe/buffet and a linen-and-candlelight, fine-dining room. Still, the style is casual, in part because the service is neighborhood-bar friendly. "We're sort of the back-end of the gardens," executive chef Frank Perko said.
February 11, 2013 | By Barbara Katzman, For The Inquirer
My husband and I have five grandchildren who do not live near us. Several years ago, we decided it would be great to get to know them better (and them us) by taking each one individually on a one-week trip. Last year, we made our first such excursion, to London with 10-year-old Jonathan. Of course, we got normal (and understandable) motherly warnings from our daughter: He gets height fright; he can't wait to get to a restaurant to have breakfast; no matter what time he goes to bed, he will awaken by 7; and so on. Well, off we went.
March 11, 2005 | By Steven Rea INQUIRER MOVIE CRITIC
Telling lies to save someone from a painful truth isn't the worst of sins, but in the small Scottish drama Dear Frankie deception takes its toll: on the mother who perpetuates the lie, and on its recipient, the title character, a keen-eyed, deaf, 9-year-old boy. The directing debut of Shona Auerbach, a British-trained still and film photographer, Dear Frankie is set in the down-but-not-quite-out working-class precincts of a seaside town, where...
June 13, 1997 | by Gary Thompson, Daily News Movie Critic
"The Van," the third in a series of movies based on books by Irish writer Roddy Doyle, is the least of the three pictures. After a rousing start, this story of two unemployed Irishmen who start their own fast food business falters badly, limping toward a downbeat and unsatisfying conclusion. Colm Meaney, who appeared in the first two installments - "The Commitments" and "The Snapper" - stars as Larry, a jobless father of three whose employment status is beginning to gnaw at his family and at his own bubbly spirit, which is buoyed by frequent trips to the pub. When Larry's best buddy Bimbo (Donal O'Kelly)
December 3, 2000 | By Alex Richmond, FOR THE INQUIRER
It took 11 months for Black Sheep owners Matt Kennedy and James Stephens to convert the space at 247 S. 17th St. into a replica of a 1850s pub, but they did it - amber sconces, Brazilian black cherry wood floors, textured, leatherlike wallpaper and all. The result is an Irish bar from heaven, where young people in wool sweaters and Doc Martens mingle easily with Main Liners. With brogues as thick and sweet as the head on a Guinness, Belfast-born Kennedy and Stephens of Cavern describe the work they put into transforming the place.
February 16, 1995 | By Cynthia J. McGroarty, INQUIRER CORRESPONDENT
If you can't find something to like at the Greater Philadelphia Mid-Winter Scottish and Irish Music Festival and Fair (whew!), then you'd better make tracks back to the Old Sod - because there's just no pleasin' ya. The two-day festival, which is to start Saturday at the Valley Forge Convention Center, will offer music, dancing, arts and crafts, vendors, classic cars, military re-enactments, a tartan display, whiskey tastings, and lots of food....
June 30, 1994 | By Thomas J. Brady, with reports from Inquirer wire services
HOW FISH AND CHIPS CAME TO SYMBOLIZE NORTH AMERICA "Pizza G-7" as originally constituted was a little too hot for some diplomats to handle. Seems the special pizza tossed up for next month's Group of Seven (G-7) summit in Naples was behind a bit of a diplomatic flap. The Lombardi brothers' pizzeria in the southern Italian port had concocted the special Pizza G-7 featuring ingredients for each nation involved in the summit. But Pizza G-7 wasn't quite to Canada's taste.
January 3, 1992 | by Maria Gallagher, Daily News Restaurant Critic
The Samuel Adams Brew House was brand new when I last visited for reviewing purposes. That was two years ago. Since then, this pub in the 1500 block of Sansom Street has expanded its seating, added a bar game or two and devoted a good bit of its wall space to photographs of Big 5 basketball greats. On Saturday afternoons in the fall, the bar was a gathering spot for football fans who liked company while watching a game on TV. But the place can also be a haven for Center City shoppers who want a midafternoon bite without spending a bundle.
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