March 26, 2009
Salad as still life Continuity is the watchword at Friday Saturday Sunday, at 35 now one of the city's longest-running and loyally patronized dining rooms. Upstairs at the Tank Bar, you can still get the signature jumbo lump crab cake, unfiddled with, just the way you remember it. But owner Weaver Lilley isn't above adding a new wrinkle, or in the current case, a new salad celebrating the Art Museum's "Cézanne and Beyond" exhibit, running through May 17. Lilley, a "big Cézanne fan," said he studied the artist's still lifes to come up with a salad resonant of their mood.
July 26, 1989 | By Sharon MacKenzie, Special to The Inquirer
For a long time, the notion that summertime is when the livin' is easy went hand in hand with the idea that mealtime is when the eating is casual. While we have no quarrel with this pleasant basic concept, we do agree with the late James Beard, who maintained that easy and cool foods can be as elegant and intriguing as their elaborate and hot counterparts. That is why we offer again this month a four-person dinner menu that consists of chilled dishes combined with courses that can be served hot or cold.
January 31, 2001 | by Lynn Hoffman, For the Daily News
If your grandfather made wine in the basement, there's a good chance that his favorite grape was Grenache. It's a red grape from France's Southern Rhone Valley that fruits abundantly in California. Left unpruned, it makes a lot of high-sugar fruit on the vine and a lot of money for its growers. But a profitable grape isn't necessarily a delicious one; in this country at least, Grenache has been a fine-wine flop. Americans loved it for its ability to make a lot of juice in hot conditions.
January 13, 1993 | by Barbara Gibbons, Special to the Daily News
Few "creamy" salad dressings actually contain real cream - defined as top milk with a very high butterfat content - but they're creamed with excess calories and cholesterol nonetheless. The "creaminess" often comes from the combination of eggs and oil, whipped into an emulsion. Mayonnaise is the prime example of the thick creamy texture that results when egg yolk is whipped into oil. So much oil, in fact, the mayonnaise is much heavier in calories than even the heaviest heavy cream: nearly 100 calories a tablespoon, double the calories of cream, which weighs in at 52 calories a tablespoon.
August 14, 1991 | By Marc Schogol Compiled from reports from Inquirer wire services
HARVESTING BARGAINS You can expect to find bargains on fresh vegetables through the rest of the summer and into fall. So say government and private analysts after a U.S. Labor Department report that wholesale prices for tomatoes, lettuce and snap beans had fallen by more than 30 percent in July. Retail produce managers say lower shelf prices are just taking hold. HEALTHY TRENDS Households with children spend more food money on milk and sweets than anyone else. And higher-income families spend more on fish, cheese and butter.
October 30, 1987 | By David Hiltbrand, Special to The Inquirer
Beginning a four-night engagement at the Valley Forge Music Fair last night, Julie Andrews unveiled a classy musical act that was elaborate in its autobiographical concept but rather reserved in its execution. Comedian Brian Allen of television's Real People warmed up the crowd with a series of innocuous routines, including the perilous details of living alone. "In my refrigerator," he said, "I have roquefort cheese . . . used to be cheddar. " Then, after the orchestra had played an overture of her best-known tunes, Andrews began her first concert in eight years.
March 26, 1986 | By Sharon MacKenzie, Special to The Inquirer
New clothes and joyous holidays are only some of the pleasures promised and fulfilled by the season of vernal rebirth. The dedicated food lover knows that the year's greatest culinary joys are to be found in the annual early arrivals of spring's finest offerings: strawberries and asparagus. Budgets may be slightly dented by these out-of-state crops, but four people can still revel in an affordable feast that matches the excellence of the earth's bounty. Our dishes are easy to prepare, from ingredients available in local supermarkets, at a total cost of less than $15. Here is this month's menu: Roquefort Bouillon Chicken Piccante Asparagus Spears Pasta Pimento Chilled Strawberry Cream All items used in preparing this meal were checked for price and availability in a Philadelphia-area Thriftway market.
March 20, 2016 | By Tom Koppel, For The Inquirer
The captain and deckhand swiftly dismantle the roof and windows of the boat's boxy, raised wheelhouse as an ancient stone bridge comes into view. We crouch and duck our heads; the vessel just barely fits underneath. Beyond, the boat slips serenely along on a ribbon of green under a shady canopy of plane trees. At the occasional break in the foliage, we spot a tall church spire, sprawling vineyards, and the distant snowy peaks of the Pyrenees. Our captain will not need to replace the wheelhouse for days to come.
November 8, 2007
Saturday, Nov. 10 Women in Wine, tastings, auction and a cook-off. Lorraine Bracco ( The Sopranos ) and Peggy Fleming (Olympic gold medalist) are among 24 guest winemakers. Chefs Michael Schulson (Style Network's "Pantry Raid") and Geoffrey Zakarian (New York's Town & Country restaurants) will compete Iron Chef-style, with Ricki Lake and Robin Leach hosting, and foods by chefs Michael Mina, Thaddeus DuBois and more. For Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Atlantic County Women's Center.
March 9, 1990 | By Maria Gallagher, Daily News Restaurant Critic
Flirtatious Frenchmen and fabulously flaky pastries - what more could a person want in a cafe? How about soups, sandwiches and cheese plates, too? Or a little night music? How about a night-owl-friendly schedule that keeps it open till midnight? Cheap Eats says "Je t'adore" to the Caribou Cafe on Walnut Street, a very pleasant, very French place to stop before or after a show at the Forrest Theater. Or any time, for that matter. Applause is in order because there are not nearly enough places for civilized after-theater coffee and dessert.
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