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November 30, 1990 | By Leslie Scism, Daily News Staff Writer
In embarking on various business ventures over the years made possible by his family's successful Italian restaurant, Luca Sena often lay awake at night worrying whether his business moves were smart ones. But on the eve of the recent unveiling of the family's newest venture, he had no misgivings as he lay in a four-poster bed in an altogether elegantly appointed room. No, he was calm as he gazed, alternately, at flames from a gas-lit fireplace below a marble mantelpiece and the lights of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge outside tall, arched windows.
August 12, 1990 | By John V. R. Bull, Inquirer Staff Writer
A limited but charming wine-based menu gives Tomasello Wine Cellar & Restaurant a distinctive niche in Cape May's summer restaurant scene. Now in its second season, this pleasant outdoor place celebrates the products of Tomasello Winery in nearby Hammonton. Indeed, part of the restaurant's appeal is a wine bar with free tastings of more than a dozen locally produced bottlings, from light whites to heavy dessert wines. The summer operation is more than just a clever sales gimmick, for this is a legitimate restaurant with delightful cuisine, although many of the expertly prepared sauces admittedly are made with Tomasello wines.
July 31, 1988 | By Ted Dziemianowicz, Special to The Inquirer
The very idea of a place where you can sample any of a few hundred wines for 80 cents a glass - well, that just might qualify as wine lover's heaven. If so, then heaven on Earth is the Enoteca Italica Permanente - something akin to an Italian national wine bar - grandly situated in a 16th-century fortress atop one of Siena's three hills. The concept is quite remarkable. Under one roof, hundreds of wines representing all the major winemaking regions of Italy are brought together and made available to the public for tasting, at reasonable prices.
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